1/2/2012- New revised race kit to cater towards the hardcore turbo fans wanting to shatter records. Featuring 3.5" exhaust dump, 1 3/4" primary headers to dual 2.5" collectors merge into T4 inlet. Large 4" cold air pipe. Large precision 46mm wastegate vented back into the dump pipe for stealthy operation. Large 4" thick intercooler. Use of a slimmer 16" fan and a hydroboost brake setup is required. This is extra work but offers the advantage of more engine bay room to fit the larger 3.5" exhaust dump




10/27/08- Congradulations to J for a new timeslip of a quartermile time of 10.6 at 133 mph. Very impressive for a car with a race weight of over 4000 pounds.

4/1/08 - Congradulations to J's new dyno numbers making 610rwhp and 570rwtq at 5800 rpms 16 psi. J is currently running the version 2 twin turbo kit layout. Running twin gt30r .81 turbine a/r ball bearing turbos. Dual 3" exhaust dump pipes and 3.5" intercooler pipes. Here is a link to his dyno vids. Right click save as

J's dyno run

3/4/08-We would like to take the time to thank all of our previous customers of the TMA Turbo product lines. Our turbo kits are the best in the market from a quality, horsepower producing, and design standpoint. TMA Turbo customers are producing high horsepower numbers and reliabilty, and we take off our hats over here at TMA Turbo and would like to congradulate you all!


-By popular demand, the Street/Strip kit is a new addition to the TMA Turbo product linedue to numerous special requsts. Hours of research and development and live testing has been done, and has already been proven as a reliable power producing setup with a lot of happy Mustang enthusiasts.

-For the Race kit to fit its performance name well, we no longer use 304 SS thick weld ELS piping for the headers. which were nice and thick. However they were heavy and offer a smaller inner diameter primary of 1.44" and 2.12" collector. To offer something of higher performance the headers have been replaced with 16 guage 304 SS headers which are light. The diameter of the primaries are much larger 1.75" and the collectors are dual 2.5" merged into a T4. Also intercooler has now been switched from a precision intercooer to a 32x12x4 inch thick obx style intercooler.

3/4/08- TMA now has a new kit avialable, the Street/Strip kit. This kit is intended for those that want something that will out produce the Street kit and still be more affordable than the Race it. Its a same design like the Race kit design, but with mild steel headers instead. The Street/Strip kit uses 1 5/8" primaries to dual 2.5" dual collectors merged into a T4 flange, which well help tremendously with exhaust flow.. Pricing for this kit is $3870

11/17/07- Congradulations to SLIM for making 562rwhp and 541 rwtq at 15 psi of boost. Mods consist of a built 4.3L engine by SuperSixMotorsports with stage 3 heads, 218/218 duration .3210 lift 1.7 rocker arm 114 lob sep comp cam. His Turbo setup consist of TMA single turbo race kit PT67 ball bearing turbo, 3" exhaust. This is anothe great example of a high horsepower producing TMA Turbo kit.


8/21/07-. TMA Turbo Twin Turbo Liquid Venom kit for the Dodge Viper GTS.

7/14/07-New revised Single Race kit. Now offering 1 3/4" primaries dual 2.5" collectors merged into a T4. Made out of 304 Stainless Steel 16 guage steel. These headers are lighter and use bigger header piping than previous designs. TMA taking it's kit to the next level of performance.

5/29/07- TMA Turbo is currently developing a Twin Turbo Viper kit. The kit is being built on a 99 gts viper. Click on image to see more progress pics. Feel free to email me for any inquries.

5/4/07- J runs 11.1 @ 126 shake down pass with a bad tranny and with the motor breaking tune .. 11.0-11.6 A/F at only 12-13 degrees of timing , and was only launching at 2600rpms

5/3/07- J with a built up engine by and a tma turbo twin kit produced 520 rwhp and 570rwtq at 15 psi of boost on a 100 percent street car.. Congrats for entering the 500+ rwhp arena.

5/4/07 - Christopher pitman in a 96-98 style stang makes 254 rwhp and 369 rwtq at 10 psi with a tma street kit. Congrats for proving that a stock single port has horsepower making potential. Graph in dynograph page

12/18/06 - TMA Turbo builds a 87-93 5.0 turbo kit.  More pics in the customer rides section

12/17/06- Piratius Twin T3/T4 setup hits 370rwhp and 395 rwtq on a stock v6 motor with only ported intakes and 70 mm throttle body..  Check out the dyno graph page for the results.

9/23/06- New TMA header flanges available.  Great for those do it yourself.  Huge 1.8" inner diameter circle for  1 5/8" - 1.75" primary pipe setups and allowing a nice weld bead around the primaries.  This fixes the issue with stock header flanges where the primaries are hanging to low and not optimizing the airflow of the heads.  The TMA header flanges has fixed the problem.

8/27/06-  New TMA Fuel rails have been developed and released.  A great mod for those running high boost and need the fuel demands for higher hp levels without having to worry about fuel starvation.

6/20/06- Mikhail Pilant (The professor) Makes an outstanding 440 rwhp and 415rwtq at 12 psi on the stock bottom end internals with a GT35/40R race kit.   Mods consist of ported big valve heads, 214/214 duration cam with ported intakes. 

6/20/06- Joshua Childs makes a monsterous 500+ rwhp on a built 4.2L engine with a gt35/40r race kit. 

6/14/06- Rob Jacoby a.k.a Darkshawdow makes around 320rwhp and 360rwtq at 10 psi with a conservitive safe tune.  Dyno graph is in the dynograph page.


4/13/06 - J's twin kit makes a new best of 12.1 at 110 mph trap with a 1.8 60ft.  Only changes made was switching over to 18" rims with drag radials.  Congrats to J's new best on a street driven pump gas driven stang.  Timeslip on dyno page.


3/26/06 - J's twin kit runs a new best of 12.5 at 107 mph with a 2.1 60ft.  Very impressive for a full street trim car weighing in at 3800 pounds on 19" rims on all season tires.  This was done on 13 psi of boost.  Timeslips in dynograph section.  Congradulations!

3/19/06 - The TMA TURBO shops car runs a 12.7 at a blistering 114 mph trap speed with a 2.0 60ft on drag radials.  Not bad for the first time at the track with only 2 passes total on the shops car.  Video in the media section.

02/17/06 - The  tma turbo shops car has  new dyno numbers for my gt40r ball bearing race kit at 10.3 psi.  335rwhp and 390rwtq.  graph and vids on dyno and media section.

12/07/05 - Sai's new track times at 8 psi.  13.4 with a 2.3 60ft at 110mph trap.  Also vids of the drag track race.  link is here.  Definetly a lot of potential with a better launch and posi :)

11/20/05 - J's twin kit makes a ground shattering 381 rwhp and 430rwtq  at 12.2 psi of boost on stock motor.  Congrats to J and we're looking forward to see further developments to come.

11/06/05 - J's twin kit runs a 12.9 quarter mile time at 3800 pounds automatic vert 19" rims on all season tires with a 2.3 60ft.  Very impressive for a full street trim car

11/06/05 - J's twin kit makes an astonishing 360 rwhp at 10.2 psi on the dynojet.   Roughly making 20 hp per psi.   Dyno pic in dynograph section.

10/29/05 - TMA is now an authorized Precision Turbo distributor. Email me for any precision or garrett turbos.  I also sell precision garrett intercoolers.  Will beat any advertised price.  You can check out precision turbo line up at

10/21/05 - J's twin kit runs 13.5 at 9 psi with a 110 mph trap.  3700 pound auto vert on all season street tires.  The 110 mph trap definately show's he has much room for improvement.  Future update on this story soon to come.

10/21/05 - J's twin kit v.s S281 saleen vid.  See in media section

10/21/05 - Todd DeMario Race kit 98 stang auto makes 250rwhp and 310rwtq at 8.6 psi.  This will give some good indication of hp production for the pre 99 single port motors.

10/09/05 - Sai's GT30R auto at 8 psi  v.s 2002 Z28 racing vid.  See in media section

10/03/05 - Narcosis Makes 333rwhp and 374 rwtq at 10.5 psi of boost in his automatic t3/t4 60-1 trim .82 turbine turbo.

9/17/05 - TMA TURBO is now an authorized SCT dealer.  This means currently I offer SCT  X cal 2 and SCT mafs along with any sct line product list for any 88-04 mustang family of cars.  Will be updating product list shortly.  In the near future I will be offering Turbo tunes for my turbo products.

9/17/05-  Narcosis Makes 246 rwhp and 254 rwtq at 4.4 psi!!! .  Car is an 02 mustang automatic with only mod being a 25 percent underdrive pulley.


7/15/05 - Narcosis (01 automatic) Runs a 14.5 at 99 mph with a 2.3 60 ft at 4.4 psi of boost, stock tune, stock fuel setup.


297RWHP 322RWTQ AT 7.2 PSI